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August 30, 2021


1. Many industries have increased their investment in elevator advertising, the first consumption scene is hidden in the elevator


According to the data released by Elevator Technology, from 2010 to 2020, the global elevator ownership continues to grow, with a 10-year compound growth rate of 6.29%. In 2020, the global elevator ownership will reach 19.57 million units. Among them, the country with the largest number of elevators in the world is China, which accounts for as much as 39%.


In 2020, the global market share of China's elevator industry is as high as 66%, making it the world's largest elevator market. Market dividends provide a strong carrier support for the development of elevator advertising. From frame posters, LCD screens, to projections, elevator advertising is constantly updated with the upgrading of technology. As one of the most extensive channels covering consumers' daily life scenes, elevators can have nearly zero-distance direct contact with consumers, bringing precise diversion and compulsive memory points to the brand.


As a result, elevator advertisements have also attracted the attention of major brands, and more and more new consumer brands are more inclined to put on the elevator media. According to the results of the CTR Media Zhixun Guochao brand research, 34% of the marketing expenses of the top Guochao brands go to elevator advertising.


For brands, traffic can not only effectively reduce marketing costs and increase repurchase rates, but also drive users' active sharing and dissemination. In the current era of increasingly expensive traffic, elevators, as the core entrance of offline traffic, have been gradually tapped and deployed by brands, and elevator advertisements have also become the advantages of accurate crowd coverage, compulsive “watching” and repeated reading The new darling of brand marketing


2. More than just "brainwashing", Elevator ads can also be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people


As the so-called "existence is reasonable", the existence of everything has two sides. Regarding elevator advertisements, one cannot look at it from a one-sided perspective. Certain elevator advertisements do give people a not-so-good sensory experience, but at the same time, more and more advertisers and media parties are combining new ideas and Technology has allowed the elevator media to develop further towards functionalization and diversification.


3.Digital empowerment, Further release the potential of ladder media


In the 21st century, digitalization has become a necessary option for major media transformation, and it is the same for ladder media. The development of the digital economy has changed the law of operation of all walks of life, and elevator media is also using digital technology to help brand marketing achieve effect conversion. In terms of communication content, digital ladder media advertising has changed from static to dynamic, enriching the audience’s visual and auditory experience; in terms of communication methods, ladder media advertising has changed from hard advertising to soft advertising, breaking the single print media communication method. To unify and comprehensively spread the multiple media.

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